The Room Where It Happened

50 years after the seeds were planted for Our Bodies Ourselves, we’re thrilled to be planting new seeds of big change with Our Bodies Ourselves Today. But have you ever wondered about how it all got started? We loved reading Miriam Hawley’s first-hand account:

“This is how movements get started: There’s a little conversation here, and another in another community, and people get connected somehow — it almost happens spontaneously, as different people find themselves asking, “What’s going on here???” and start thinking new things. The time was right for us to be talking about how we were treated as women.

Out of those conversations, in the spring of 1969, we set up the first women’s conference at Emmanuel College. For my contribution, I put together a workshop titled “Control of Our Bodies.” The room was packed! And people wanted to continue talking after the workshop was over.”

Read the whole story at WBUR’s Commonhealth.